We have expanded our presence across the world keeping in mind the requirements of our clients. Currently, we have offices across the globe, located strategically to help us serve our clients better.

We have facilities in India, India where most of our work gets executed. In addition, we have a development center in Noida that focuses on clients in the region. Our main facility in HITEC City in NOIDA, India is absolutely state-of-the-art development center that can accommodate 500 engineers. The facility represents and implements our desire to do the best for our two key stakeholders: clients and employees.

We understand the importance of safeguarding our clients' IP and data. We have multiple firewalls and VLANS to ensure logical separation of project environments. As per the project requirement, teams are physically separated from other units and work in a restricted, card-based-access location. We ensure effective desktop security to address the weak link. Disaster management procedures are in place to handle unforeseen situations. We have CCTVs throughout the facility. All internet activity and printing is tracked and recorded. In addition, mandatory training, adoption of best practices and regular security audits help create a pro-active and effective security framework under which we deliver our services to our clients.
Our facility exhibits detail to design from the employee perspective, in terms of a friendly and relaxed work environment. The excellent infrastructure fosters innovative thinking. Our engineers are technologically well equipped with high-speed internet connectivity, multiple telephone exchanges and conferencing amenities. Every employee has at least 100 square feet of work space. There are 3 meeting rooms and 8 discussion areas. All phones are VoIP enabled.
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