Health Staffing


Acent is a national leader in specialized Healthcare/Hospital staffing. Because we operate with the utmost integrity and professionalism, we attract people with the same qualities. Ultimately, it's our nationwide experience, exceptional service and community focus that keep our clients coming back.

Acent assists in the recruitment solutions of Medical Staff such as Doctors, Nurses, Therapists & Physiotherapists.
     ENT Surgeon
     Gynecology Registrar
     General Surgery
     Nursing Tutor
     Nursing Director
     Nursing Superintendent
     Staff Nurse
     Urologist Physician (Internal Medicine)

We provide profiles of Doctors holding MOH, DHA, HAAD License for UAE.
Over the years, Acent recruiters have interviewed tens of thousands of candidates in cities across Globe Using advanced, highly targeted recruitment techniques and detailed screening processes, that is why we are able to carefully matches your objectives with our candidates' skills and career goals and presents you with only the highest-caliber professionals.

And because our recruiters teams are cross-trained by specialty, we better understand the needs of each Client, which makes the entire healthcare placement process more effective and efficient for both.

If you are finding problem to fill your available position with the right person . We have your qualified healthcare professional match just waiting for you.
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