RPO Models


On-demand RPO

The changing volatility of hiring needs introducing inherited changes to organizations. One quarter you may get a huge contract and need to staff up; the next quarter you may not hit your goals and need to decrease your staff size. On-demand RPO is an answer to this kind of rapid change. In an on-demand RPO engagement, companies have a contract-based engagement with a qualified RPO provider that knows the company, the companies messaging, their processes and the results they need. The RPO providers is ready to step in whenever the company needs them. On-demand RPO engagements mean that if hiring needs suddenly increase, a hiring manager can pick up the phone and have the RPO companies recruiters on the job, as if they were simply an extension of the hiring managers own team.

Function-based RPO

In function-based RPO, the RPO provider takes a piece of the companies recruiting needs entirely off the companies plate. For example, a companies internal resources may be meeting the companies recruiting needs, but have one specific division that requires more aggressive and complicated hiring. In that case, a company may contact an RPO provider and say, you are on that divisions recruiting, which, when properly executed, ensures that the division will get the hires it needs and the in-house recruiters can focus on the rest of the company.

Full Recuitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

The third type of RPO is full RPO, when the RPO provider provides a companies entire internal recruiting function. This is the soup to nuts version of RPO engagement, where every piece of the companies recruiting process, such as sourcing, marketing, interviewing, etc. is included in the RPO contract. This ensures that each element of the companies recruiting is executed by a company that specializes in recruiting and recruitment process outsourcing. In the event that a companies hiring manager or HR leader wants to recruit or take a piece of the process on their own, full RPO also means that the RPO provider will give the organization access to the providers full breadth of resources, giving the organization a huge advantage in execution.
The three basic types of RPO engagements can be flexible based on the needs of the client, and RPO engagements can exist anywhere in the spectrum between the three. While the implementation of RPO solutions can be flexible, RPO do significantly more than piecemeal contingency or retained search, staff augmentation, and candidate research. Recruitment process outsourcing providers specialize in the entire range of the recruiting process, giving their clients a breadth of resources and expertise that they cannot have on their own.
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