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Acent High Soft, India's most prominent IT-Training provider, provides best training in IT equips learners with adequate knowledge, getting the right skills to the right people at the right time and affordable cost. With us, you can accelerate and certify the skills of a globally dispersed staff with standardized course materials through every stage of the learning. With a bright history of training over 5000 students in last two years, we believe that its Engineers only who can guide the Engineers. Formed by group of talented and enthusiastic Engineers, AHS is a sincere effort to add value to the Engineering education of INDIA. The Director, Acent High Soft technology invites applications from the eligible desirous students to apply for the Summer Training Program 2009. The complete information about this notification is provided with the courses offered.

Advantages of the Acent High Soft Training Module

Our Industrial technology training programs are designed for students who are looking to master their technical skills. Acent High Soft International Technologies gives students to get hands on experience this summer, unlike any training in industries where students are not allowed to work on the real equipment and projects during their internships.Our Industrial training programs are exhaustive and covering the latest in technologies.Both the programs also have project work included in them which the students will be doing in course of their Industrial training. Certificate from Software Division Acent High Soft Software Solutions is provided after successful completion the course. This course is conducted by former 'Acent High Soft' Java technology evangelist and an expert in object-oriented technology. He has been conducting Java training courses since 1999, and has developed and managed numerous Java-related projects for both local and foreign companies.

Technologies of the Training

Expertise in Web Application is as described below
  •   Dot Net includes C#/

  •   Java Software

  •   Testing (Manual & Automation)

  •   PHP MySQL

  •  SQL Server

  •  IT Security & Ethical Hacking Embedded Technology

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