Why choose Acent High Soft FMCD & FMCG services?

The Indian FMCD & FMCG sector is one of the biggest sectors of the Indian economy and commands a vast market size. FMCD & FMCG deals in the production, promotion, and sale of consumer-packaged goods. Some examples of this are: processed food, cosmetics, fresh food, individual care, toiletries, plastic merchandise, paper and stationery, office goods etc. FMCD & FMCG stands for Fast-Moving Consumer Goods. By this very definition, the growth of FMCD & FMCG is explicably tied to the population. The greater the consumer-base, the larger the market cap. This is why the FMCD & FMCG sector in India has grown exponentially and has given rise to intense competition. To navigate this competition, the various players desire reliable distribution networks, lower operating costs, ease of raw material availability, and presence across the entire value chain.

Due to the sheer size and competition in the FMCD & FMCG sector, there is a perennial skirmish for talent. Population with disposable income is growing every year which is causing a massive rise in market size which is then leading to growing demand for quality talent. However, unavailability of quality talent is turning into a huge challenge for the FMCD & FMCG sector. Firstly, there is huge competition within FMCD & FMCG to begin with. Secondly, professionals from FMCD & FMCG are being poached by companies from other sectors which is making matters worse. This trend is likely to continue because FMCD & FMCG nurtures high-quality manpower. Lastly, there is rising attrition in FMCD & FMCG with trends showing a highly undesirable rate of attrition of around 20-25%. This is a serious problem and many FMCD & FMCG companies are seeking the help of reputed FMCD & FMCG recruitment consultants to tackle this problem.

For an FMCD & FMCG company there is a lot of value to be gained by working with a top FMCD & FMCG recruitment agency. The agency can advise regarding key trends and help you remain proactive with your approach. They can identify sector-specific talent faster than in-house recruiters due to their wide-spread network and market awareness. They constantly track settled channels of distribution for market intelligence. Further, FMCD & FMCG Recruitment Agencies have been instrumental in helping companies capture the rural segments of the Indian market due to their deep market penetration capabilities. The rural market represents a significant proportion of the overall market size. The amazing thing is that this market is still not fully explored due to talent shortage. The right consultant can provide swift solutions for urban as well as rural hiring.

  • Experienced Acent High Soft employees
  • Easy way to train employees
  • Our employees are professional
  • We have great support marketing
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  • We believe in the value of business

What makes us different from other recruitment agencies in the FMCD & FMCG sector?

Acent High Soft  is a preferred FMCD & FMCG recruiter of choice for many companies. Our clients include the most established FMCD & FMCG names with vast, diverse teams, as well as domestic players that are working towards global ambitions. We strive to provide maximum value to organisations through our recruitment services by sourcing the right talent for companies in the FMCD & FMCG sector. Our panel of capable recruiters are well-trained to effectively integrate FMCD & FMCG expertise with clients’ business needs. We are aware of the potential of the FMCD & FMCG industry and are deeply passionate about helping organisations grow.

Over the last decade of recruitment operations, we’ve discovered interesting insights which are unique characteristic of the FMCD & FMCG sector. These discoveries have helped us to execute various projects successfully and enabled us to stay ahead of the curve in FMCD & FMCG. We are always focused on maintaining long-standing working relationships with our clients.

With a clear understanding of client requirements and specific industry needs, Acent High Soft  is the best recruitment agency for semiconductors / electronic / and electrical industries.

  • We have served leading global as well as domestic organisations in the FMCD & FMCG sector
  • We have key clients in FMCD & FMCG sector from India and the Middle-East
  • All our FMCD & FMCG recruiters are our full-time employees
  • Our dedicated recruiters have prior professional experience in FMCD & FMCG. This helps us source the right candidates in record time
  • Robust evaluation methodologies are administered by our specialist consultants
  • We have a strong brand image. Associating with us will help your requirements get noticed faster
  • We use social sourcing and network reference strategies to find the right talent for your organisation

Some of the roles for which we hire are

  • Sales Executive
  • Sales Officer
  • Designers
  • Fashion Designers
  • Merchandisers
  • Delivery Executive
  • Area Sales Manager
  • DGM – Sales
  • National Sales Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Institutional Sales
  • Zonal Sales Manager
  • Sales Support Executive
  • Billing officer
  • Compliance Executive / Manager
  • Accounts Executive
  • Business Development
  • Customer Support
  • Customer Service
  • Store Manager
  • Store Supervisor
  • Purchase Executive
  • Production Manager
  • Purchase Manager
  • Quality Engineer
  • Brand Manager
  • CRM
  • Client Services Director
  • Business Manager