Permanent Staffing

Onboarding permanent employees and gathering them in a single organization is a critical commitment. Our permanent staffing solutions ensure that these commitments are made to reliable and skilled candidates. Veteran experts from Acent work effortlessly to help you recognize and place the right talent. We use our years of expertise to provide you with exclusively screened and qualified candidates for every domain and industry.
Our robust permanent staffing consultants work with complete dedication to help your organization attain its business growth. Our time-proven practices and best-in-class experts ensure that you get the best talent at any level, with the fastest turnaround time. Entrusting your staffing challenges to Acent experienced professionals, you can focus your time, attention and efforts on your core business & innovation.
One of the major benefits of our permanent staffing services is that we provide post-offer follow up too. This helps us to keep the candidate engaged until they join and make sure the candidate stays loyal to their commitments.